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New regex engine for nqp and nom, now passing 7K spectests

Nom and nqp now have a new regular expression engine (currently known as “QRegex”) that I’ve implemented over the past week. As progress continued on the new “nom” branch of Rakudo since my last posting, it was becoming increasingly evident … Continue reading

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New NQP repository, new “nom” Rakudo branch

As mentioned in the last week’s NQP Roadmap, we’ve now broken out the new 6model-based NQP into its own repository on GitHub: . We know there may be a bit of confusion between the two versions; just remember that … Continue reading

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NQP Roadmap 2011.01

Over the next couple of weeks we will be rolling out a new version of NQP that is based on new backend code for object management and multisub dispatch. This document describes the changes we’ve identified for the new version … Continue reading

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