A Rakudo Performance

At YAPC::NA 2012 in Madison, WI I gave a lightning talk about basic improvements in Rakudo’s performance over the past couple of years.  Earlier today the video of the lightning talks session appeared on YouTube; I’ve clipped out my talk from the session into a separate video below.  Enjoy!


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  1. Olivier Mengué (dolmen) says:

    Direct link to the slides: http://pmichaud.com/2012/pres/yapcna-perflt/slides/start.html
    However it looks like there is an encoding issue. See the “Key contributors” slide for example.

  2. Klaus says:

    Hi pmichaud, what do you mean with startup time wrt Rakudo? Probably not $ time perl6 -e “1”

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  4. I think I’ve now fixed the encoding issue on the slides… thanks!
    youtube unblocker

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