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APW2014 and the Rakudo Great List Refactor

This past weekend I attended the 2014 Austrian Perl Workshop and Hackathon in Salzburg, which turned out to be an excellent way for me to catch up on recent changes to Perl 6 and Rakudo. I also wanted to participate directly … Continue reading

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A Perl 6 developer’s reply to a Russian Perl Podcast

[This is a response to the Russian Perl Podcast transcribed by Peter Rabbitson and discussed at] I found this translation and podcast to be interesting and useful, thanks to all who put it together. Since there seems to have been … Continue reading

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A Rakudo Performance

At YAPC::NA 2012 in Madison, WI I gave a lightning talk about basic improvements in Rakudo’s performance over the past couple of years.  Earlier today the video of the lightning talks session appeared on YouTube; I’ve clipped out my talk … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on YAPC::EU 2011

YAPC::EU 2011 in Riga has just about finished, and it has been great seeing long-time friends again and making new ones. I’ve heard many people remark that we really wish there could be more weeks like these. There are two … Continue reading

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New regex engine for nqp and nom, now passing 7K spectests

Nom and nqp now have a new regular expression engine (currently known as “QRegex”) that I’ve implemented over the past week. As progress continued on the new “nom” branch of Rakudo since my last posting, it was becoming increasingly evident … Continue reading

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More nom features and spectests, still 5x faster than master

Progress continues on the nom branch of Rakudo. As of this writing we’re up to 89 spectest files and over 1000 passing spectests, which is a good improvement from just five days ago. We continue to see that nom performs … Continue reading

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Lots of Rakudo-nom progress, starts to run spectests

The nom branch of Rakudo continues to develop at a blistering pace. Yesterday nom finally had a working, which meant we could start testing it against the spectest (“roast”) suite. As of this writing nom is passing 50 spectest … Continue reading

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Rakudo (nom) reaches milestone — no more .pir files!

As Jonathan Worthington and I have posted in various articles, we’re working on a new implementation of Rakudo Perl 6 (the nom branch) that is based on a new meta-object model instead of the object system provided by Parrot. Today … Continue reading

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New NQP repository, new “nom” Rakudo branch

As mentioned in the last week’s NQP Roadmap, we’ve now broken out the new 6model-based NQP into its own repository on GitHub: . We know there may be a bit of confusion between the two versions; just remember that … Continue reading

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