Some thoughts on YAPC::EU 2011

YAPC::EU 2011 in Riga has just about finished, and it has been great seeing long-time friends again and making new ones. I’ve heard many people remark that we really wish there could be more weeks like these.

There are two items that stand out in my mind about this year’s conference:

1. Andrew Shitov and his crew are absolutely amazing at organizing and running a conference. This was the most flawlessly executed conference or event I think I’ve ever been to. Not only that, but Andrew and the other organizers made it look effortless, which to me is a mark of true greatness. I’m certain that in fact there was a lot of planning and effort behind it, but the entire team just looked relaxed and at ease throughout the event. I’d definitely encourage folks to attend any event that Andrew and this group organizes.

2. Riga is a stunningly beautiful place. I definitely want to return here again some day, and I’m grateful that the organizers chose this location.


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2 Responses to Some thoughts on YAPC::EU 2011

  1. Reini Urban says:

    Fully agree

  2. Piskov says:

    Riga is a stunningly beautiful place.

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