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Lots of Rakudo-nom progress, starts to run spectests

The nom branch of Rakudo continues to develop at a blistering pace. Yesterday nom finally had a working, which meant we could start testing it against the spectest (“roast”) suite. As of this writing nom is passing 50 spectest … Continue reading

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Perl 6 lists, episode 1

This past week I’ve worked on adding list support to nom, including lazy lists and infinite lists. Lists in Perl 6 have had a bit of a convoluted history; early drafts were very non-specific about how Lists should work, and … Continue reading

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Rakudo (nom) reaches milestone — no more .pir files!

As Jonathan Worthington and I have posted in various articles, we’re working on a new implementation of Rakudo Perl 6 (the nom branch) that is based on a new meta-object model instead of the object system provided by Parrot. Today … Continue reading

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Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab Leather Notebook Case

For weeks after purchasing my Samsung Galaxy Tab I had been looking for a good case for it (ideally leather). None of the cases I found seemed worth buying — either the customer reviews indicated the case was of poor … Continue reading

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New NQP repository, new “nom” Rakudo branch

As mentioned in the last week’s NQP Roadmap, we’ve now broken out the new 6model-based NQP into its own repository on GitHub: . We know there may be a bit of confusion between the two versions; just remember that … Continue reading

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Incognito FTW

In another “obvious when you think about it” moment, yesterday I realized that Google Chrome’s “incognito mode” is a quick-and-easy way to see how a website or url will be seen by an anonymous user (i.e., not me) without having … Continue reading

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Adding USB ports to my monitor

The USB ports built into my monitor died a few years ago, forcing me to start using the USB ports on my desktop tower (which is often much less convenient to reach than the monitor).  I looked for replacement monitors … Continue reading

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NQP Roadmap 2011.01

Over the next couple of weeks we will be rolling out a new version of NQP that is based on new backend code for object management and multisub dispatch. This document describes the changes we’ve identified for the new version … Continue reading

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